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How to Make a Bed Like a Hotel

How to Make a Bed Like a Hotel

Bed is not simply a bed, it is a place where people sleep. The quality of sleep people get depends upon the overall decor of their bedroom. It makes sense that your bedroom should not only be comfortable but aesthetically pleasing as well. This can be easily attained with few simple tips that you can implement yourself. If you are thinking how to make a bed look like a hotel, this is the right place for you. This article has been prepared with the intention of providing you with nine easy ways to make your bed look like a hotel.


Bed sheets should be chosen carefully. Duvets, futons and quilts look good together with other decorative items like lamps, dressers or chests of drawers. To give it a different look, you can use covers made of a contrasting color to add some contrast. Matching pillow cases and comforters will also help in creating an attractive appearance for your bed.


The next step will be matching the color of your mattress. If your mattress is of a dark color, you can consider going in for darker shades of bed sheets. It is best to buy a pillow covers that are the same shade as your mattress so that the bed sheet and pillow cover complement each other. For lighter colored mattresses, go in for light shades of bedding. The color of the pillowcases and covers should be such that they do not create any shadow on the mattress.


You might feel like you have to change your sheets every week or even fortnight! If you cannot afford to buy a new bed sheet on a regular basis, there are second hand ones which are available in plenty. If you follow a simple pattern for the sheets, they can be washed and made into bed wear regularly. Even if you have used a washable sheet before, it is wise to wash it according to the instructions on the tag. In case of uncomfortable odor in the sheets, adding more vinegar to the wash cycle will get rid of it.


The next important step in how to make a bed like a hotel is the duvet. It is a good idea to match the duvet to the color of the bed sheets. A red duvet set with red bed sheets will look very odd in a white or black colored bedroom. Matching the duvet to the theme of the bedroom will give a unified look. The duvet can be a very important accessory to the bed and can be made of a number of materials including, silk, cotton, jute, wool and synthetic material.


How to make a bed like a hotel also depends on the types of linens that you are using. A combination of silk and jute linens looks very sophisticated and is ideal for a room with royal and regal aura. Linens such as silk quilts and Egyptian cotton sheet sets are popular choices. If you want something more organic, you can opt for bamboo linen sheets. These linens will make your bed look very natural and comfortable.


The last but not the least important item in how to make a bed like a hotel is the pillowcases. Most pillows are rectangular in shape but if you want to create an illusion of the bed being bigger than it really is, try to make use of round pillows. For a futuristic touch, try using egg-shaped pillowcases. This is one of the easiest ways you can create an impression of having a larger room than what actually exists.


So these are some of the things you will need to know about how to make a bed like a hotel. Remember that a well-fitted sheets and pillowcases play a very important role in giving an impressive appearance to your room. And remember that you should not forget about the decorative aspect of your room as well. So, have fun with it and enjoy your stay!

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