Nordic Decoration

Nordic style

The essentials for a Nordic decor!

For a successful Nordic decoration, you must equip yourself with cushions at all costs, yes a lot of cushions! But also wool or cotton throws, they will bring to your living room a 100% cozy atmosphere. On your walls, you need pictures or posters with patterns. Then one or more soft rugs.

simplicity and cocooning

Very trendy and timeless, the Nordic style is purified, functional and reassuring. It appeared in the 1950s, taking inspiration from northern countries and its charming chalets where you like to drink hot tea under a thick blanket.

Soft and bright colors

Shades of gray and pastel colors
Nordic decoration mainly consists of light colors like white and beige. For a dynamic touch, brighter colors on cushions or decorative items are ideal. These are the cotton armchairs that warm a room in Nordic style.


Patterns and textures

Softness in its purest form
To respect the "clean" side of the Nordic style, we mainly find cotton and wood, but other materials can be added to a Nordic decoration such as brass and copper. There are also patterns on a wallpaper or a rug, such as the well-known geometric shapes of the Scandinavian style.

The right combination

Cotton and oak
Deco level, the Nordic style is made up of soft materials such as cotton, light birch on the floor and more solid oak wood furniture. Wood and cotton combine perfectly to give an interior that sought-after cocooning aspect.


For a Nordic interior, think about the long pile carpet!


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