Table & Sofa Linens

Is your couch faded? Do you want to change the decoration of the living room without breaking the bank? You don't have to buy back a sofa.
Think of sofa covers and armchair covers that give your furniture a second life! The covers protect your sofas while being decorative. On, sofa covers are removable and available in several materials and colors (red, natural, linen, lime green, plum, etc.).
Extensible, they slip easily on the 2 or 3 seater sofa or on the armchair. Does your sofa have armrests? No problem ! sofa covers adapt to the shape of the sofa. And hop ! Like a glove ! With universal sizes, no size constraints. You will also appreciate the beautiful finishes of the sofa covers.
With ties, embossed, quilted, two-tone knit… They also contribute to the decor! Easy to use on a daily basis, the sofa covers are machine washable!
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