220V/110V Household Food Vacuum Sealer Including 15Pcs Bags Free

220V/110V Household Food Vacuum Sealer  Including 15Pcs Bags Free




1.Keep food fresh for longer

2.Moisture-proof and mold-proof

3.Sterilizating and disinfecting


5.Prevent deterioration


Product Parameters

Product name : Household Food Vaccum Sealer

Rated Voltage : 110V/220V

Rated Power : 100W

Color : White

Net Weight :0.75 Kg

Sealing Strip Lengh : 28cm

Noise: < 60dB

Material : High Quality ABS

Sealing Speed : 3-8 bags/ minute

Operating mode: Automatic + Manualafter-_03

Vacuum Chamber

1.Indicator lamp

2.Air-releasing Valve

3. Sealing Strip

4.Heating Wires Sealing Strip

5.Power Switch Groove (2.5A 220-250v EU plug)

6.Plastic Cork

6. Heating wires

7. Air Inlet

8. Latch


Magnetic Adsorption

There are two pcs of magnets at the bottom of the machine



Removale and washable sealing stripsafter-_08after-_09

Opeating Instruction

1.Put the open part of the specialized bag onto the middle of sponge strip

2.Put down the cover and buckle up the latched on both sides

3.Press the start button

4.Open the valve