Ceramic Heat Emitter Reptile Pet Bulb Crawling Light

1. 24 hours heating source, no light no harm to your pets sleeping habit
2. 99% Thermal Efficiency: Energy-saving with quickly and stable heating
3. Far Infrared: Keep warm and health care of your pets
4. Ceramic Material: Suitable for wet environment

Color: Black
Voltage: 220V
Lamp holder: E27
Material: Ceramic
Wattage: 25/50/75/100/150/250W
Heating source: Ceramic, infrared, electrical, no light emitted
Suitable for: snake, lizard, turtle,etc. Reptile

25W: Raise from 62.5°F to 66°F
50W: Raise from 62.5°F to 71.5°F
75W: Raise from 62.5°F to 75°F
100W: Raise from 62.5°F to 78.5°F
150W: Raise from 62.5°F to 84°F
250W: Raise from 62.5°F to 89.5°F
(Bigger Watt is suggested if uses in an open environment)

1)Please do not directly close during usage.
2)Please adjust the distance between the lamp and the pet, at least more than 12 inch.
3)The heating surface of the testing heat lamp is 3.5 inch, with different heating surface, the temperature will be slightly different.

Package Includes:
1X Heat Emitter Bulb