304 Stainless Steel Wall Mount Kitchen Storage Rack

1.All these kitchen rack is made of 304 stainless steel and not rusty. We also offer the sticky glue and all the needed screws.You can choose drill or not. 2.The U shape hook has 2 pcs. It can hold lots of things like:pan,pot cover,chopping board or anything it can hold because you can adjust the wide as you like. 3.The knife holder has 3 seperate holes for different knives. 4.The folk and spoon holder has 2 seperate holes. You can store the cutlery seperately. 5.The plate drying dish rack can hold at least 8 pcs plates and each row can be adjusted by the plate size.There is also a tray at the bottom to prevent water from spilling out. 6.The rack is easy to be taken off and cleaned.