900LM 48LED Solar Motion Sensor Wall Light


900LM Solar 48LED Motion Sensor Wall Light Adjustable Angle Waterproof Outdoor Garden Courtyard Landscape Street Lamp
Installation steps:
Please charge the product for 6 hours before use it.
1. Press and hold the button for 5 seconds to start the circuit, then select the required lighting mode.
2. Use two screws to fix the bracket and lock the product with screws.

Lighting modes:
First, tightly cover the solar panel or  place the solar panel down on the table. Then press the button for 5 seconds to start the lamp. After powering on, it is the first working mode. Every time you press the button, the mode will change once while the light flickers.
Lighting modes are as follows:
1. Weak light+ sensor mode: when human body comes, the light becomes strong; 15s after people leave, the light becomes weak light. (highly recommended mode)
2. Sensor mode: when human body comes, the light becomes strong; 15s after people leave, the light turns off. (for places where light is inadequate)
3. Normally on mode: when it gets dark, it will automatically light on with no sensing function. (used for special occasions)
4. Emergency light mode: often used for emergency lighting, such as night activities when in power failure. At emergency light mode, after it turns off in 30 minutes, it needs to restart or illuminate the solar panel to restart.
5. Shutdown

Shell color: white/black
Model: 1619
Solar panel: 5V 3.2W
Battery: 3.2V 4500mAh lithium iron phosphate battery
Maximum voltage: 3.65V
Minimum voltage: 2.65V
Working current: 30-1800mA
Maximum power: 6.8W
LED type: SMD 2835 29-30lm 4000K/6000k
LED number: 48
Maximum lumen value: 900LM
Charging time: more than 8 hours in the sun
Angle of induction: 120 degrees
Induction distance: 5-8 meters
Waterproof grade: IP65
Product size: 245 x 100 x 50mm/9.64 x 3.94 x 1.97"
Package size: 290 x 125 x 50mm/11.4 x 4.92 x 1.97"
Net weight: 459g
Gross weight: 551g

1. Please note that because it is a solar energy product, the time of sunlight on the solar panel is closely related to the position and direction of the installation and the direction of the solar panel, which will directly affect the charging effect.
2. The battery has a service life of more than five years. The product can not be put in fire to prevent the cause of the danger. This product lampshade is rubber material injection, and you should not throw or drop the lampshade.
1 x Solar LED Wall Light
1 x Bag of Installing Accessories
1 x User Manual