Adjustable Wardrobe Clothing Rail

Adjustable Wardrobe Clothing Rail

What's this Top Mount Wardrobe Hanger Rack Bar Ball Bearing Slide Heavy Duty?

Clothing rail, pants rack or closet valet rod?

【Unique】This product is our new design while there is no same product on the market, this closet valet rod may be a fresh experience for you.

【Innovation】Easy To Take. You can push-and-pull when hanging your pants. Each closet valet rod can work independently and non-interfering.

【Big Space】Neat and Beautiful. It is a multi-function closet valet rod, which can hang up your clothes, neckties, scarves, not just your pants. It makes maximum use of the space so will save enough room for other uses.

【Load 】Outstanding Baring Force. Experimental results show that the load-carrying capacity of the over 25kg, which means about 30 to 40 jeans, and it can still sliding smoothly, it is strong and you can use it reassurance.