Wireless car dry and wet vacuum cleaner

Wireless car dry and wet vacuum cleaner



Ultra-strong filtration system to completely block dust and particles and prevent secondary diffusion


1 anti-countercurrent dust collecting cup: collecting large particles and a small amount of residual liquid


2 filter: filter PM2.5, dust, insects and other particles or moisture


3 turbocharged fan: 120W powerful booster fan, faster speed, more power


A variety of small accessories, so that nowhere to hide dust


1 small brush: suitable for cleaning the air outlet, press the keyboard dust


2 suction is the longest, suitable for cleaning the gap, corner dust


3 lengthened hose: can be used with suction long mouth to extend the scope of use




[product name]: hand-held car vacuum cleaner


[product model]: R-6053


[product color]: black, yellow


[Package weight]: 0.720KG


[Package size]: 355mm * 105mm * 125mm


[Working voltage]: 100V-240V AC aluminum battery charger


[Money degree]: 3200kpa


[Rated speed]: 29000-31000rpm


[Lithium battery model Battery capacity]: 2200MAH


[rated power]: 120W


[Power cord length]: about 1m


【Instructions for use】:


1, check if the charge is sufficient


2, the switch can be opened


3, according to different use occasions to replace the use of different nozzles


4. This product is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Pay attention to time opening the front cover drain when absorbing water.


5, rechargeable battery USB display red for normal charging, green for full


6, charging time is about 3-4 hours full, full of sustainable use for about 20 minutes


Package Included:


Vacuum cleaner*1






1, the filter must be installed when using


2, do not direct in the sun, do not use in high temperature and high-pressure places


3, do not use gasoline or volatile detergent to wipe the body


4. The front case must not be taken when the motor rotates.


5. This product is a vehicle tool. It is forbidden to use it alone to avoid danger.


6. Pay attention to the water level of the front cover when absorbing moisture


7. When clearing the foreign matter in the gap, please put on the duckbill straw.


8, under normal conditions, usually can be used for half an hour and has no effect on the car battery


9. When the product is finished, please turn off the switch. * When removing the object from the net bag, press the fastening button and then pour off the foreign object.


10. In order to make the vacuuming effect better, it is necessary to clean the filter bag regularly. * When the vacuum cleaner is not used, the power cord can be rolled up and stored.


11. When repairing this product, you should follow the instructions, and keep the product filtering part clean at all times.


12. This product is not a toy. Do not let children play alone to avoid danger. At the same time, the product should be placed in a dry place. Tips: Do not let children play alone, this product is not a toy. Do not smoke foreign objects that are burning, such as unburned cigarette butts. Do not open the car when operating the vacuum cleaner