Chef Ceramic Kitchen Knife 3 4 5 6 inch


Ideal for slicing boneless meats, boneless fish, fruits and vegetables.Not for frozen or hard foods



✓  up to 2X sharper than a steel chef knife
✓ Stays sharp 10 times longer than metal
✓ Perfectly balanced
✓ Never rusts
✓ Never stains
✓ BPA free
✓ Impervious to acids, oils, and odor
✓ No chemical leakage
✓ Naturally, germ and bacteria resistant
✓ No browning or oxidization of food
✓ Cleans easily
✓ Leaves no aftertaste
✓ Ultra-light for nimble use
✓ Can be used for baby food

After-sale service:

If you use your knife under the guide(  slicing boneless meats, boneless fish, fruits and vegetables. Not for frozen or hard foods  .),and your knife is broken or clipped. pls contact us, we can resend you a new one.






About us:

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