Electric Spiral Apple Peeler


New Electric Spiral Apple Peeler Cutter Slicer Fruit Potato Peeling Automatic Battery Operated Machine with Charger Eu Plug



100% brand new and high quality
Electric or Battery(Not Included) operated
Peels potatoes.

fruits and vegetables instantly at the push of a button Robotized arm adjusts to every thickness,

shape, and textures: From potatoes to tomatoes to rutabaga and avocados, also zests citrus fruits

Operates with a 6V adaptor included and can also function with 4 AA batteries (not included)
Peels instantly potatoes, fruits and vegetables.

Two extra blades tucked in a built-in compartment
Handy thumb knife for quick, easy pairing
Non-slip base
Durable ABS plastic

Ultra-safe design: no need to touch or hold the vegetable while it's peeling
More hygienic than manual peeling
Cleans easily with a damp, sudsy cloth
Operates alternatively with a 6.0 Volt electrical adaptor
No waste, no effort.

Product packaging:
1 x Electric Apple Peeler

 How to peel fruits and vegetables
Center the food on the bottom food holder and press gently
Lower the upper food holder so that it grasps the food and holds it securely
Using the height adjustment lever, raise the cutter arm so that it rests on top of the food to be peeled. WARNING: Do not grab cutter blade... it is razor-sharp!
While pressing lightly on the upper food holder, press on the power button. The skin peels off in one clean, continuous curl
 How to remove peeled food
Lift upper food holder from food and raise it to the top of the support column.

Grasp food, and using a gentle back and forth rocking motion, remove food from bottom food holder pulling towards you.

Do not yank your fruit or vegetable straight up from the bottom food holder. You don't want to accidentally swing your hand into the holder spike. WARNING: Do not grab cutter blade... it is razor-sharp

Trip off any deep potato eyes with the little plastic knife. Use the same knife to remove blemishes on fruit and vegetables