Feng Shui Water Fountain

LED colorful smoke effect

Mini waterfall
The running water flows out of the rockery through the water pump.

Process and size

Pump installation method:

1. Connect the water pump and the water pipe and connect them together

2. adjust the pump switch size to the appropriate location;

3. Place the connected water pipes and pumps in the right place for the product

4. Pump flat, and then add water to completely submerged water pump, plug in the power can be normal operation.

Precautions: 1. Pumps must be placed in the water will work properly, the pump is waterproof design;

2, the battery in the water surface must exceed the maximum height of the pump at least 1-2 cm, can extend the pump life;

3, if the water is not large, please check the pump on the water switch is open to the maximum; 4, as long as 3-5 days for water, half a month to clean the pump, you can extend the life of the pump.