Wall Home Garden Balcony Decor

Hand Knitting Natural Cordage Plant Hanger Basket Flower Pot Hanging Rope Holder String


1. Material: cotton and hemp rope, durable, environmentally friendly.
2. To perfectly show your plant, decorate your room, suitable for all kinds of decoration styles.
3. Simple and exquisite, purely handmade, can be placed indoors or balcony gardens, can also for dressing up your office, home, garden, and office, of unique style.
4. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, you can hang it on the hook of ceiling or on the wall, for outdoor use on the hook of the balcony or the garden.
5. Suitable for all kinds of flower pots, and you can decorate your home matched with different bonsai (including plants and pots).


6. The product uses: can be used for greening, gardening, shopping malls, balcony garden, interior decoration, etc.


Packing List:

1x Hanging Rope (flower pot and others are NOT included)