1080P Projector HDMI Home Theater for Apple/Android/IOS/PC video playback

Portable Smart WiFi Mini HD 1080P Projector HDMI Home Theater for Android/IOS/PC


  1. Suitable for Apple/Android/Mobile/PC, support wired or wireless same screen.
  2. The built-in lithium battery can be used as a mobile power for mobile phones.
  3. For Apple mobile phone plug and play, support for Apple series for iPhone6/6plus, for iPhone7/7plus, for iPhone8/8plus and so on.
  4. Support some for Android phones with the same screen, for Android mobile phone needs to download the software and then the software will automatically pop up when connected.
  5. One-piece innovative appearance, integrated with remote control, laser pointer and lens protection cover.
  6. Support 1080P full HD compatible 4K: The projection picture is clearer; it is also compatible with 4K resolution playback, which solves the common problem that the portable projection picture is not clear, and the big screen life is more high definition.
  7. Liberation screen size limitations: 50-120 inches freely, unlike fixed TV size or 5-inch size of mobile phone, it can be projected to 120 inches. The 1.2:1 projection ratio also allows you to place large screens in short distances, and small spaces can be used.
  8. In the same WiFi environment, the mobile phone/tablet device can be on the same screen with one button.
  9. Diffuse reflection imaging: The light is cast on the wall and then diffusely reflected into the human eye, protecting the baby's eyes.
  10. Built-in large-capacity lithium battery: Guaranteed battery life for outdoor use. In the off state, you can also switch to mobile power usage.
  11. Built-in symmetrical audio: In order to ensure good sound, the symmetrical HiFi sound is designed on the basis of small size, taking into account the dual enjoyment of sight and hearing.
  12. Keystone correction: Supports vertical ±45° keystone correction, and the off-axles function allows the projection to project a complete picture in any plane.
  13. Use a glass lens with a transmittance of 98% to solve the problem of the virtual focus of the picture, so that the picture is purer.
  14. Not only with USB interface, HDMI high-definition input interface, strong support for local video playback, and the ability to connect audio, headphones and other transmissions more stable. In addition, it is equipped with a humanized toggle switch that combines the power switch and the charging switch to make operation simpler.

Standard: US Plug, EU Plug, AU Plug, UK Plug (optional)
Projection screen size: 60-120 inches
Brightness (lumen): 200 ANSI
Standard resolution: other
Display Technology: DLP
Brand: For Nut
Model: wise M6
Color: as shown
Type: commercial and residential dual use
Compatible with maximum resolution: support 1080P
Contrast: 1001-3000:1
Projection light source: LED
Whether to support 2D to 3D: No
Operating system: for Android
Projection specification zoom: fixed focus
Screen width to height ratio: 16:9
Projection method: front projection
Trapezoidal correction: vertical trapezoidal correction
Adjustment function: manual
Projection head: high light transmittance coated lens
Illumination uniformity: >98%
Focus: Manual
Projection distance: 3 Meters
Projection ratio: 1.2.1
Left and right trapezoid correction: none
Whether the connection supports U disk live broadcast: support
Power: DC12V
Battery type: lithium battery (not included)
Features: small and portable, straight-plug same screen
Size: approx. 194 * 102 * 28.2mm / 7.6 * 4 * 1.1inch

Package list:
1 * Projector
1 * Remote Control (battery is not included)
1 * Power Adapter
1 * Data Cable