Meteor Stars Chandelier With remote/APP support

Meteor-shower-shape Chandelier
Long service life/No heat and radiation/No mercury and other harmful substances /Soft eye care/ Energy saving/ Intelligent control/ Insect & Dust proof design

Design Concept--------Stars Shine
Travel day and night Bloom contains the pure gentle beauty, present a knid of simple, fashionale.

Soft Eye Care
No blue light, No strobe, care for your eyesight and health

Professional Heat Dissipation Structure
Unique heat dissipation structure, improve heat dissipation efficiency and extend the service life of LED lamp beads

High Color Rendering Index
The color rendering index refers to the degree of reduction of natural light. The higher the index, the higher the degree of reduction.

15 Heads
Size: D115cm x H14cm Power: 150W Recommend for 25-30 square meters of Living room/Bedroom

12 Heads
Size: D100cm x H14cm Power: 120W Recommend for 20-25 square meters of Living room/Bedroom

9 Heads
Size: D85cm x H14cm Power: 90W Recommend for 15-20 square meters of Living room/Bedroom

5 Heads
Size: D70cm x H7cm Power: 50W Recommend for 10-15 square meters of Living room/Bedroom

Product Real Shot
15 heads warm light effect 12 heads natural light effect 5 heads light off effect

Smart Control for Dimmable With Remote Item
1. Open your bluetooth and the application 2. Switch on chandelier and press the connection switch within 5 seconds.

Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature
IRALAN chandeliers can adjust the brightness of your living room in order to provide comfort to various occasions, such as high brightness to focus and low brightness for relaxing purposes.


Chassis size

Product Details
1. High light transmission acrylic lampshade material, high temperature resistant, not easy to become yellow, uniform light color. 2. Select hardware and ironwork,hand polishing,high temperature baking process, anti-corrosion and rust

Quality Assurance
Six Steps of quality inspections------Design, Produce, Package, Clean, Storage Out. Dear friend, all our lamps must go through six quality inspections before shipment. Please check the goods before signing. If you find any damage, please contact us immediately and we will arrange replacement for you. If you find the problem after signing, please contact the after-sales service in time, we will give you a satisfactory answer. Thank you!

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