Modern LED Smart Ceiling Lights

Function description:

The product features a unique 2-in-1 design - smart LED lights and Bluetooth stereo audio speakers. DSP-based Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) and purity as well as the definition of specific speech. I hope that you will get unlimited happiness from the combination of light and music.


Change color, warm/cool and brightness as needed; Timer setting: auto light, automatic music and alarm clock; Emotional lighting and music rhythm, listening to music anytime, anywhere; Sound settings: pop, classical, jazz, bass, and tablet. For iPhone, iPad, Samsung phones, Google phones or other Android 4.5 phones or higher, you need a device compatible with Bluetooth 4.0.


note: 18W ceiling light, suitable for 3-5 square meters. Small room, bathroom, aisle 25W ceiling light, suitable for 5-8 square meters. Medium space, such as bedroom, study. 36W ceiling light, suitable for 10-15 square meters.

Spacious rooms such as living room, bedroom, study. 52W ceiling light, suitable for 15-30 square meters.

Larger room space, such as living room, large bedroom. 48W ceiling lamp, suitable for 10-18 square meters, living room, bedroom 72W ceiling lamp, suitable for 20-36 square meters, living room, bedroom





1..Q: Does it support smart switches?


A: It is not recommended to use a smart switch. The smart switch produces a slight light that does not completely turn off the light. It can damage the luminaire IC. 2.


.Q: Why is there no light for the 25W lamp?


A: 25W has no RGB lamp beads, only warm light, white light, and neutral light. Please read the purchase instructions and details.


3.Q: If I don't know how to use it, can I open the dispute directly?


A: Please contact us before filing an objection. We will solve your problem 100%.


4.Q: The goods did not arrive within the protection period. what should I do?


A: Please contact us immediately, we will contact you at the post office and customs. Since traffic or flight congestion is sometimes delayed, please do not dispute with us. We will be responsible for solving the problem for you.


5.Q: Should I pay customs/fees?


A: This depends on the buyer's local customs and the buyer is responsible for any taxes and/or duties in the country where they are located. Import taxes and fees are not included in the price of the goods. The seller will not pay any customs duties, import duties, import fees. Buyers should voluntarily perform tax and customs clearance obligations.


6. Q: I have questions about your product. Can you help us?


A: We are here to help you. You ask! We answer! After receiving your item, please don't forget to leave us with 5 stars of positive feedback.