Modern LED Wall Lamp Radar Motion Sensor


The radar sensor has intelligent light control (the light will not turn on during the day, the light will only turn on at night), and the microwave radar sensor function.No sensor, there is no intelligent light control and sensing function.

The sensor is that after the lamp is connected to 85-265V, the lamp does not light during the day.At night, the person walks to the range of 3-6 meters from the lamp,the light is on. After the person leaves 3-6 meters, turn off the lamp after 20-30 seconds.


1. Input: AC85-265V
2. Main materials: Aluminum
3. Body color: black
4. LED power supply: constant current led driver included
5. LED: LED chip
6. Dimensions:as shown in the options
7. Power:18W/30W
8. IP66,waterpoof can be used in bathroom or outdoor