Motorized Roller Blind

1. Roller Blinds width=Fabric width+Clearance between fabric and top beam (about 3 cm).

2. Product max width 200 cm, max-width to Russia is 150 cm(Over 150 cm,contact us)

3. There're 4 standard height catalogs for the fabrics (200 cm, 230 cm, 250 cm, and 300 cm).

4. If you pay for one size (say, 200 cm wide * 250 cm high), you can ask for various sizes within the range (width <=200 cm and height <= 250 cm), make sure to leave us messages about the customized size you want when purchasing.

5. A complete kit=fabric+motor+remote, other accessories will be provided as default

6. Put fabric, motor and remote controller into shopping cart one by one, and then pay them up in the shopping cart to make them all in one order 7. The fabric color can be specified in the order message 8. If only the motor is ordered, the motor length is standard, independent of the fabric size

How to order
Step 1. Calculate the square meters?



Step 2. Leave us a message about your size?



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