Multifunction Vegetable Cutter

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Kitchen Helper: This hand-held slicer made from Food-Grade stainless steel & BPA-Free ABS plastic offers.It offers all the functionality of multiple appliances with changeable stainless blades. These blades can cut through all kinds of vegetable, grating cheese, slicing potato and cutting fruits
even can create paste-like vegetables or mashed potatoes





Are you still worried about this?
The new vegetable cutter lets you say goodbye to all difficulties



Two steps simple operation, cut out a new kitchen pattern
Everybody can do it



6*6 14 mm mesh
Easy press, can meet cooking needs



14 mm fruit cubes
Quick cut fruit, watermelon, cantaloupe, fruit, etc



Strip cutting step
1: cucumber cut, height should not exceed 5 cm 2: cucumber section on the blade 3: quickly press the press plate 4: the cucumber is cut 5: after use, you can use a cleaning brush to clean up the residue, convenient and fast



7 mm, small cubes
Remove the onion, not the eye



4 mm thick silk
Easily shred, cold dishes/stir-fry



3mm filaments
Instant has chef's knife work



Soak the bottom to drain
Storage/cleaning is very convenient



2mm wafer
The thickness of homogeneous



Cut slices
Rotate it 90 degrees at a time



You don't have to chop it anymore



Upgrade the hand guard
Prevent scratches, safety is more assured



How to use the hand guard



Product parameters



Detail presentation quality
Needless to say, we prefer to show our advantages in details

Non-slip handle Fine workmanship, prevent hand slip



Non-slip rubber mat Stable operation, more labor saving



The waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall basket Continuously empty fine, will not miss



Stainless steel blade The blade is sharp and corrosion-resistant