Nordic Iron Square Style Black/White Modern Ultra-thin 5cm LED Ceiling Light

Specification: 【Main Materials】: Hardware+Acrylic 【Voltage】: AC 90-265V is available, support AC110V & AC220V. 【Light source】: LED chips. 【Lamp thickness】:5cm Features: 【No UV or IR radiation 】: LED light source,Energy saving. Environment friendly. 【NO flash,No blue】: High quality lens to ensure full light transmission,bright and soft light . 【Long Life】: RoHS Material,Low LED heat,High-precision constant current power drive,long lifespan up to 10000 hours. 【Anti Insect】: IP44,DUST PROOF.THIN thickness of lamp shade. Color options: 【Warm White】: NO remote.Not Dimmable. Only Warm white, color temperature 2900-3200K. 【Cold White】: NO remote.Not Dimmable. Only Cold white, color temperature 6000-6500K. 【RC Dimmable】:with Remote Control function. Brightness dimmable, color temperature changeable. 【Warm Tips】: When using remote,you can change brightness, lamp is dimmable. Also you can change the color temperature stepless from Warm white to Neutral white to Cold white. Meanwhile, you can turn on/off the wall switch to change with three color temperature from Warm white to Neutral white to Cold white simply. 【Tips】 1. The wall switch has NO memory function. If you use the wall switch.. it will change the color every time.. will not memorize the color of the light. 2. The remote control has the memory function. So if you want o keep the color which one you like.. you can use the remote to turn on / off it.