Removable Washable Adhesive Home Sticker

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A transparent acrylic structure for joining transparent materials.

Adhesive type: acrylic

Tape length: 3m

Tape width: 6MM,8MM,10MM,12MM,15MM

Tape thickness without padding : (1mm)

Temperature resistance

Minute time: 300°F (149°C)

Week: 200°F (93°C)

Solvent resistance: high

Relative adhesion

This range of Scotch tapes is ideal for applications that require transparency or colorlessness. General purpose

The two-sided adhesive is suitable for high surface energy substrates.


It can be mechanically fixed instead of rivets, screws, etc.

Double-sided tape has a full acrylic structure that not only seals moisture and most solvents.

It also protects against UV radiation and heat and cold cycles for a long time. The unique foam can be used as a quality cushioning material.

Unlike mechanical spotting forces, the tape can disperse evenly, so users can use thin materials without deformation and metal fatigue.

Package Included:

1*Double-sided tape

DIY Supplies: Metalworking
Model Number: Double-sided tape
is_customized: Yes
Tape Type: Filament Tape
Solvent Resistance:: high
Tape Thickness Without Padding: 1mm
Tape Width:: 6MM,8MM,10MM,12MM,15MM