Reusable Easy Clean Gas Stove Protectors

Reusable Easy Clean Gas Stove Protectors Cover Non Stick Burner Liner Dishwasher Safe Kitchen Cleaning Tools
  • For gas stove, put protectors under burner grate below the flame. Protector must be clear of any flame to avoid possible file injuries or product damage
  • Protector can be trimmed to fit different gas stoves. The hole of protector must be trimmed with scissors to fit your gas stove properly before use
  • Fits virtually all gas hobs and is non-stick
  • Can easily be removed when cleaning. Wash in hot soapy water, or in dishwasher - fully reusable.
  • Withstands temperatures up to 260degC
  • Size: Approx. 270 x 270mm
  • Color: Black,Silver,brown
  • Package include:1 lot = 2 pcs
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