Seamless Punch Free Plug Sticker Holder

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1. Fixed power: specially designed for power strip / WAN / tissue box / adapter and remote control, simple installation of power strip and elimination of confusion.

2. Simple and quick device: install the transparent self-adhesive acrylic adhesive without perforation, without waste paste, and reassemble the bearing. The longer the bonding time is, the greater the bonding strength is.

3. Separable and reusable: the pipeline design is convenient for setting and separation. Reusable acrylic gel allows you to maintain initial bonding status.

4. Application program: it can operate on flat ceramic brick, mirror, flat stainless steel, acrylate, plastic, laminated substrate and above.


Material: PP

Size: 10.5 * 4 * 1cm

Type: power strip bracket

Color: as shown in the image

Weight (about): 0 029 kg

Package Included:

1* floor

1* plug-in board

2* double-sided adhesive

Material: PP
No. of Hooks: 1
Package Included:: plug-in board
Type:: power strip bracket
Size:: 10.5 * 4 * 1cm