Storage rack for pulley cooker


Kitchen Useful Special Storage Box Pulley Pot Plastic Rack Shelf Kitchenware White Storage Box Spice Plate Rack Storage Shelf   


Name: Storage rack for pulley cooker
Color: White
Material: PP

Sale:A single sale

Weight about: 550g
Packing: 1pcs (not including any placement)
Size: as shown


-Roller pan storage rack, the design is exquisite and good texture, every pick and take is a pleasant feeling.
-Kitchen pulley pot rack shelf plastic pot storage rack spice rack storage shelf
-Kitchen with pulley pot cover shelf shelf shelf plastic pot shelf shelf storage box storage rack

-Pulley pot cover shelf shelf, design exquisite texture is good, every time the pull out is a sense of pleasure

-Receive a frame to also can be placed in the kitchen ark such as cistern inside, receive tidy up clean things, practical extremely strong.


Please note:
Due to manual measurement, the size may have an error of 1-2 cm
Color may vary due to different displays
Due to the long transit time, the item may be damaged during transportation. If the item is damaged, please contact us before leaving the feedback. Thank you for your understanding.

Fully disinfected before shipment