Ultra Sharp Micarta Handle Chef Japanese Kitchen Knife

1. 8 to 12 degrees cutting edge per side rockwell hardness 60-62. sharp and lightweight
2. The core is made of Japanese VG10 kitchen steel,This is an extreme blade made from the gold standard of knife steels.famous for its edge retention and hardness. The presence of cobalt in our steel composition is a sign of excellent quality
3. Hardness and toughness coexists in our Japanese VG10 stainless steel. which means sharpness and the feature of no need sharpening coexist.
4. Our 8-inch professional chef knife is a great all-rounder that is suited for dicing onions,mincing shallots, chopping herbs, crushing garlic, slicing meats and shredding cabbage.


High quality material:The core is made of VG10, the Japanese Super Stainless Steel. clad with 67 layers of 440C stainless steel creates a unique and beautiful Damascus pattern on each blade. The result is a superb DAMASCUS steel blade combining ELEGANCE and HIGH-PERFORMANCE.


No sharpening, clipping. Urtra sharp and rustless:we all know that hardness and toughness are 2 features which normally can not coexist in one thing. But Japanese VG10 stainless steel is an exception. In order to pursue extreme cutting feeling and practical knife using. VG 10 stainless steel came into the world. The hardness reaches to 60, it means urtra sharp and no sharpening. The roughness features no clipping and rustless


STRONG & DURABLE MICARTA HANDLE: Micarta ismoisture-resistant, durable and high-strength, mild and comfortable. The ergonomic knife handle has been shaped through extensive testing to ensure a secure grip with little fatigue.

User-friendly: The chef’s knife is lightweight and well balanced, so you won’t feel bogged down. It has a good ergonomics that reduces the chance of experiencing aches and cramps on the finger after use. Its fluted edge minimizes the possibility of food sticking to the blade.


we improved the logo of this Damascus knife, now it is officially renamed AKATOUKI from ITAMAE. Except logo, eve​rything is the same.



The below 2 pics are the effect pics of ture Damascus knife and fake one after being sharpened by the sharpener. The pattern on the left isn't influenced by the sharpening, but the pattern on the right is vanished after sharpening.


If you give us a certificate that proves our damascus knife is fake, we refund you 10 times money you paid for.and we are free to give everyone the certificate of this damascus knife

There are many patterns of damascus knife, and our damascus knife is flow sand pattern.

How to distinguish true damascus knife from fake laser damascus knife in easy and simple way
1. you can buy NO.300 sand paper to erase the blade surface. the pattern will not influenced but the fake pattern will be blurred.
2. you can test the blade hardness. the hardness of fake damascus knife will be under 58. our knife hardness is above 60.
3. you can use the sharpener to sharp the blade. the damscus pattern are always there. If it is laser pattern, the pattern will be gone by sharpening
4. our photes are original photo. do a test, you can see there is no pixel difference in the pic.